"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

~ Albert Einstein

At Consilium Partner Group, we live by this adage, and we are determined that everything we do for our clients brings value to them now and into the future. We started our firm with the goal of always doing what is in the best interest of our clients, rather than trying to sell particular services or do work that isn’t necessary. And we are proud to say that we deliver on that promise every day.

Our Process is Built Around You

We realize that every client situation is unique, so every client gets personalized treatment and advice. Additionally, every client is assigned a team of experts that includes at least one partner. This way, regardless of who is away from the office, you can get your questions answered or issues addressed in a timely manner. We manage our time efficiently and avoid long, burdensome meetings where nothing gets done. Instead we work under the philosophy that the more we can make our clients succeed, the more we succeed ourselves.

Clients from all Walks of Life

We focus on providing the highest and most thorough level of tax planning and consulting for our clients, and frequently our compliance and tax return work is simply a side effect of those bigger picture endeavors. Our clients come from a variety of industries and stages of life, and include a number of closely-held businesses, family groups, real estate businesses, tech companies and those with interests beyond the U.S. borders. We also do a good deal of work with individuals – those that own their businesses and those that work for others too.

Tax Planning Beyond April 15

So, whether you are an entrepreneur who wants personalized service and help making smart business decisions, a septuagenarian who wants help with careful estate planning to ensure your family’s prosperity or a real estate developer planning to expand into a new market, we can help. In fact, if you are someone who appreciates that planning for your individual and business taxes is a year-round endeavor that requires detailed knowledge and personal attention, we are likely a good fit for you.

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